As the festive season is just around the corner, the term ‘Black Friday’ is on the lips of every eager shopper and retailer across the globe! Here at Ginger Recruitment, we have been thinking about how smaller organisations and non-retail service providers stack up when it comes to the Black Friday action.

A tradition stemming from deep in Philadelphia, named after the heavy traffic and busy times on the day after thanksgiving, Black Friday is now well known for being the start of the US shopping season for retailers, eager to make the most out of the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Many B2B organisations however are looking to take on the big brands this year and offer their services and commitments as part of the Black Friday extravaganza, to hopefully maximise on the opportunities that will drive over £1billion online here in the UK. As ‘Small Business Saturday’ starts to trend, and ‘Cyber Monday’ is added to the days of discount, here at Ginger we are no exception to the rule and love getting in evolved with early festive fun!

Recruitment for both temporary and permanent staff can certainly be a challenge, particularly with the run up to the festive period. Here at Ginger Recruitment, we can certainly help! We are offering some fantastic deals on both permanent and temporary staff this Friday to get involved with the Black Friday fun! Keep a look out for our offers and discount running on Black Friday!

If you are thinking about recruitment or have done in the past, and are ready to see how Ginger can work with you to move your business forward, there is no better time to do so!

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