So this week, as Blackburn College kicked off their Global Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Week, the girls from Ginger took to the stage to deliver advice and guidance on transferable skills, job hunting, and personal branding.

Blackburn College plays host to students from all areas and all ages, so having the opportunity to share our opinion and advice, based on our expertise and experience, was an honour.

As we talked through the key skills and transferable attributes that employers look for, we hoped that our captive audience of business and hospitality students gained an understanding of the importance of having that little bit extra to stand you apart from the crowd.

With a focus on social media and personal branding, we covered everything from selfies to spelling! We talked through Brand ‘You’ and the importance of shaping your personality, skills and talents into a well-rounded package that any employer would a fool to turn down!

As we opened up the floor for 121’s and questions at the end, we were delighted to see that a lot of students really engaged with what we had to discuss and it really made them think about how to start shaping themselves in preparation for the big world of careers and employment.

A big thank you to Nicholas Hall at Blackburn College who couldn’t be more supportive of us here at Ginger and all the student and staff who took part in Ginger Recruitment’s session.