Interview Techniques

Interview tips

The interview day arrives and this is your chance to present yourself in your best light.

  • Your homework and research the company, this preparation will give you confidence and prepare you for questions that may be asked
  • You know anyone who works/has worked for the company?
  • Be on time – plan your journey and allow time for delays
  • Know your CV inside out and prepare possible answers to questions about your strengths and weaknesses
  • Look alert and interested in the job and company, maintain eye contact, smile and be personable.
  • Take along a pad and paper to make a note if appropriate
  • Play to your strengths and sell yourself
  • Swear in the interview
  • Wear short skirts, low cut tops or untidy/unclean clothes
  • Turn up late or on the wrong day
  • Wear distracting jewellery or strong perfume/after shave
  • Use your phone in the interview
  • Chew gum
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