Ginger Recruitment Services is an exciting independent recruitment
consultancy headed up by Angela Thomas, a highly experienced recruitment professional.

At Ginger Recruitment we recognise that people are at the heart of your
organisation and that finding the right people is often a time consuming and
onerous task. That’s why we promise to make the whole process as easy as
possible; by making your life easier we aim to save you
both time and money:


We will work hard to partner with you to meet your recruitment needs by building a complete picture of your organisation’s requirements.
We will only select people for you to interview if they have the right personality for your organisation as well as the requisite qualifications.
We promise to always challenge the brief if we think it is unclear, unachievable or unreasonable because we want to bring you the right people for your organisation.
We will always be honest with you, that is part of having a sustainable long term relationship.
We will do our utmost to ensure that you are delighted
with everyone on a short list so that you don’t get that all too familiar sinking feeling when the wrong candidate walks through the door for interview.
We will help increase efficiency by saving you time, money and your temper by providing the appropriate candidates on your short list.
At Ginger Recruitment we will stick around, we do not simply provide candidates and run. We will make sure that our candidates fit in with your organisation and continue to monitor them to ensure you are completely satisfied.
We will not waste your time, or our candidates’ time, sending people that do not fit, merely to fill a short list.

We also make a promise to candidates that we will give honest and open feedback. Our aim is to build long term relationships with them as well; giving us access to people that we can trust to do the job.

Above all we promise to make recruiting new people as easy as possible.