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Who are we?

The Ginger Group

The key ingredient in your recruitment


“We always strive to gain a full understanding of our clients cultural and technical requirements. We should always act professionally, whilst being resilient and vigorous in our assessment and feedback”.


Angela Byrne

Founder, The Ginger Group

“We are given two ears and one mouth, which means that we must listen twice as much as we talk. By listening to your client and learning you will always deliver what they want!”

Angela is the founder, energy, and spice behind Ginger’s success. It is her inclusive approach to client relations that leads our whole mantra. Before founding Ginger, her success was built around creating long-term relationships with clients. They were able to trust her because of her deep understanding of their businesses, and her ability to accurately and swiftly fill vacancies.

Having started to move into emerging markets and specialising in rapidly building highly skilled teams, she decided to focus on this area of businesses to differentiate Ginger from her competitors. She understood that she could not do this alone and that she could only deliver her dream by working to build, retain and lead a great team that embody the values that she instills throughout The Ginger Group.


Tim Byrne

Chairman, The Ginger Group

“Recruitment is one of the riskiest tasks that managers undertake, mistakes are transparent to the whole organisation and cost time and money and worse, often a loss of impetus when dealing with projects. It is therefore imperative to reduce risk and get it right”. 

In recent years, Tim has led a number of start-up businesses from conception to exit in emerging markets.  He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and has held senior positions in many businesses including Group CFO and CEO in FTSE companies.

The recurring theme over 35 years in business has been building companies through rapid growth. Tim’s experience within recruitment originates from running and building businesses, bringing a client’s perspective to Ginger’s recruitment process.

Our Values

We achieve our mission by acting with integrity as ‘One Team’. We are differentiated because we believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients. We create sustainable relationships with both clients and candidates enabling us to deliver a lower cost, lower risk service with the highest possible standards.


We strive to build long term sustainable partnerships; we invest time working on future plans and immersing ourselves in understanding every aspect of our client’s business.

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Every member is valued, each individual brings a different but equally important skillset adding their own twist and spice to the team.


We do not mislead, we build trust and share honest feedback to ensure that we build long-term open relationships with our clients, candidates and colleagues.


We work from planning through execution, to be at the heart of our client’s businesses and our candidate’s careers. We specialise in emerging markets and building teams for growth companies.

Ginger DNA

With a client and candidate driven focus and by putting them first, we develop an understanding of both parties’ wants, needs, motivations, and goals. 

The Ginger Way requires confidence, inquisitiveness and a commitment to react quickly and adapt to change to enable integration within our client’s teams.

We instill the ethos that every member of the team is as important as the next, we rely and depend on each other. We embrace each individual by supporting and encouraging them to work with confidence and to deliver the professional service we guarantee our clients.

At Ginger, we operate outside of our capacity and push ourselves to be better, so that we can be the best that we can be with the full support of our team.