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Our Industry 

The key to the success of the sector continues to be the investment in innovation and product development. At Ginger, we know the individuals that will be the key to your success. We help companies thrive by acting on our belief that their collective skills and behaviours in achieving an organisations full potential.


It is truly an exciting time for the industry, with the wider applications of the market slowly being embraced and its potential only just beginning to be realised. The shortage of professional skills within the sector is only due to increase.

Given the lack of depth of professional experience in the sector, we use our established networks to identify transferable skills to find the ‘perfect fit’ for both companies and candidates.


Ginger CBD & Cannabinoid Science

As experts in emerging markets, we act as an innovation hub working closely with companies in the cannabis industry. We understand the unique culture and skills in this sector which enables us to attract the right talent to take these growth businesses to the next stage of development.

This is a multifaceted emerging market, characterised by growers at one end to distributors of products at the other. As the industry heads towards increased regulation with classifications under Novelty Foods, medicinal products or pure cannabis the need for those experienced in highly regulated markets will become essential. Our network contains many of the experts you need.


Our team are experienced in working in highly regulated industries.


At Ginger CBD & Cannabinoid Science we love what we do because every day is different, from sourcing laboratory managers to formulation scientists, HR, Legal, Research, Innovation, Manufacturing, Sales, Distribution, Marketing and even key Agricultural roles.

Whatever the size of your business you can trust that our uncompromising approach to service is never dictated by the size of your dreams. 

Whether you are looking for, field roles, R&D specialists, mixologists or formulation technologists – Ginger will find the right person for your organisation.


We have partnered with hundreds of clients and placed thousands of candidates.

We would be delighted to put you in contact with them, to give you their honest recommendations and opinions of our group. 

Our clients and candidates value our team’s particular capabilities and talents, which we believe makes us different from others in our industry. 

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Colin Macintyre

Director of Client Services, Science Innovation & Technology

Colin is an experienced client service professional with a demonstrated history of working with a diverse portfolio. He is driven by his passion for providing exceptional standards of service to continually add value to recruitment partners. Responsible for senior client relationships, his skills focus on developing, customising and implementing effective resourcing strategies. This allows him to find the niche skills required to build teams rapidly for his customers. He is always focused on delivering a world-class client experience to surpass expectations and to become the partner of choice for all elements of his client’s recruitment and resource activity.  

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