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Ginger Hospitality


Ginger Hospitality specialises in providing exceptional service by constantly communicating with our clients and chefs to understand their needs. This constant support enables us to provide our clients with the right highly skilled relief chefs and industry professionals for the job. Understanding everyone’s needs, enables us to react rapidly and accurately when providing you with the right professionals to fulfil your interim requirements.


Ginger Hospitality takes pride in our understanding of the needs and pressures that professional kitchens and their brigades face.

We use our hospitality experience, and knowledge to make the fulfillment of interim hospitality assignments easier and less stressful for everyone.

We believe this is essential in providing the quality service and care we are renowned for.


Here at Ginger Hospitality we always offer an honest, rapid, accurate and transparent service.

The right interim for the right assignment is essential for success, we always work with you to take care to ensure the right fit.

Our Brigade of professional relief chefs cover a range of assignments across the UK hospitality industry including; fine dining, pubs, restaurants, contract catering, and hotels.


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Jodie Eccles

Head of Hospitality

Jodie Eccles, the Head of Ginger Hospitality, had a successful 10-year career in the industry before becoming a hospitality recruiter in 2008. This experience gives her a deep understanding of the needs of our clients and chefs.

Jodie’s curiosity and passion for the industry keep her up to date with all of the latest trends. This coupled with her expertise and ability to maintain long term relationships with chefs and clients, ensures that she will quickly become an essential asset in your team.


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Company Number: 09017439

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