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Ginger Hospitality

Ginger Hospitality believes that it is essential that its team is comprised of those with a hospitality background. Which is why our team will quickly identify the right relief chef for your particular need with speed, efficiency and often the empathy needed. We also ensure we understand your brand and operation, as you know it’s not simply matching the skills you need but how the chef fits within your brigade and organisation. 

By choosing our professional hospitality team who understand the needs and pressures that professional kitchens and their brigades face, we will ensure together that we provide the right chef to allow you to continuously provide top class service to your customers.

Jodie Eccles Ginger Hospitality

Meet Head of Ginger Hospitality, Jodie Eccles

As part of our ethos our Head of Ginger Hospitality, Jodie Eccles worked extensively in Hospitality before becoming a Recruiter 12 years ago. This experience underpins her ability to exceed the expectations and needs of our clients.

Jodie is a passionate cook and restaurant reviewer which adds to her consuming passion for the industry. This passion for food and the industry keeps her up to date with the latest trends be they in food or industry issues such as skills shortages. Jodie’s approach to customers and her expertise give her a natural ability to maintain long term relationships with clients. This dedication and passion ensure she will quickly be an essential member of your team too.

Her team of experienced and passionate recruiters will always strive to achieve your needs quickly, accurately and efficiently. Jodie’s relationships with her Chefs is based on honesty, transparency and trust ensuring we can always find ‘the one’ you are looking for. We use our expertise to personally recruit hospitality professionals and relief Chefs to restaurants, pubs, hotels and contract catering companies all over the UK.

We are fully aware that Hospitality is a twenty-four-seven industry and that issues can arise very quickly so we ensure our services are only a phone call away.

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