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Our Industry 

The UK continues to lead the world in life sciences, innovation, research and development. In a global market with skills shortages, we have placed ourselves at the heart of solving this problem for our clients.

The sector is currently experiencing significant stress as the interaction between pure life science and technological innovations demand new skills and disciplines. With progression in areas such as AI, medical engineering and connectivity, we pride ourselves on identifying current and future talent by looking at those with the right transferrable skills. 


With many organisations looking for rapid growth, matching skills with the ability to thrive in fast-moving, growth businesses, is a vital element in building coherent and stable teams.

We work together with our clients, understanding your growth strategies and identifying your organisation’s current and future needs. By understanding these requirements, we can continuously monitor the global market for talent and hone our searches ensuring current and future recruitment needs are met.

Through our extensive network, we promote, attract and place the people needed to build high-performance teams to ensure your success.


Ginger Science

We pride ourselves on investing significant time in understanding our clients and candidates needs to achieve their goals and dreams.

We are a recruitment partner that sits alongside you, whether you are a start-up business needing to build volume teams or an established company looking to add a niche skill to your team.


We start our searches with an open mind as we often need to identify those with transferable skills, particularly in emerging markets and technologies.

The Ginger Science team uses its comprehensive networks to enable us to identify both emerging and established talent and skills. We are constantly expanding our senior talent pools across the UK, the globe and by working closely with leading centers of educational excellence. 

We nurtured these networks to ensure we have rapid access to the broader skill sets that are required within this ever-evolving sector.


We have partnered with hundreds of clients and placed thousands of candidates.

We would be delighted to put you in contact with them, to give you their honest recommendations and opinions of our group. 

Our clients and candidates value our team’s particular capabilities and talents, which we believe makes us different from others in our industry. 

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Colin Macintyre

Director of Client Services, Science, Innovation & Technology

Colin is an experienced client service professional with a demonstrated history of working with a diverse portfolio. He is driven by his passion for providing exceptional standards of service, to continually add value to recruitment partners. Responsible for senior client relationships, his skills focus on developing, customising and implementing effective resourcing strategies. This allows him to find the niche skills required to build teams rapidly for his customers. He is always focused on delivering a world-class client experience to surpass expectations and to become the partner of choice for all elements of his client’s recruitment and resource activity.