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Supporting the evolution of the ever-changing Energy industry…

With over 7 billion people in the world, the demand for energy continues to grow. The world currently relies on a number of different sources of energy; currently, approximately 60% of this demand is satisfied by Oil and Gas. The remaining 40% is provided from nuclear, coal and renewable energy sources. The global demand for energy is estimated to grow by a further 25% by 2040. Diminishing reserves of gas and oil supplies coupled with their association, alongside coal, with climate change, means that alternative forms of energy need to be developed.

This need for alternative sources is seeing increased investment in Renewable Energy sources alongside ever-increasing investment in innovation and alternative technologies. Consequently, the demand for skilled and high calibre talent across the industry continues to rapidly increase; here at Ginger Engineering we remain close to that talent to ensure we can meet the needs for companies to continue to expand their workforce.

Energy sectors we cover:

– Renewable Energy
– Energy Storage

– Utilities
– Electrical Mobility

– IOT and Smart
– Oil & Gas

– Nuclear
– Transmission & Distribution