In today’s world of uncensored, unconditional life sharing that social media has developed, job seekers are at the top of our agenda when it comes to dishing out advice and the team at Ginger come across most types of candidates on a daily basis.

Here at Ginger we are certainly a friendly bunch; we love nothing more than getting to know our candidates and waving them off like proud parents to the next step in their journey to career success. However open and social we may be, there are a few do’s and don’t’s when it comes to over-sharing and we know all too well that sometimes we do need to rein you guys in!

Sharing our personal life has become a daily ritual over the past couple of years; photos of our food experiments on Instagram, our love for videos of furry animals on Facebook, gifs of old ‘Friends’ episodes on Twitter and sad face emojis in our status updates. These have become the forefront of most digital conversations today. When it comes to your job hunt, however, we cannot afford to get lost in selfies and statuses; there is a line to be drawn and yes, there is such a thing as TMI when it comes to your job search!

So… Let’s start at the beginning!

As you prepare yourself, ready and raring to go with a tablet in hand to start your search for your perfect job, do remember that most hiring managers, over 95% in fact, WILL fish out your social profiles, checking out how your status stacks up. A bad day at work, a complaint about your job or an ill-researched political rant may hinder your chances of presenting yourself as the perfect candidate. So keep your social profiles private. Nevertheless, activity on Twitter and LinkedIn, particularly around the topics that are relevant in the industry or sector you are hoping to move in, will boost your employability and certainly get you noticed.

As we move on to CV submission, we admittedly see it all at Ginger! So, a key piece of advice we can give you is that when stating your qualifications, relevancy is key to securing that all important interview.

We will continue to say it until we are blue in the face…

Tailor Your CV to the job you are applying for!

As proud as you may be of passing your cycling proficiency in 1996, it begins to become irrelevant when applying for the job as the next Circus Lion Tamer. In addition, ‘parenting’ and the names of your children, unfortunately, will not boost your CV to the top of the pile in that all-important shortlisting process that is quite frankly, brutal!

Our advice is to keep it short, sweet and relevant, listing the skills, qualifications and attributes you have that the employer is looking for, for the job at hand. As recruitment consultants and more often than not the middleman between you and your potential employer, we admittedly delete many CV details that are irrelevant before it goes over for consideration.

Think to yourself… ‘Will the employer WANT to read this when considering me for an interview?’

Personal interests and hobbies are somewhat sticking points when it comes to CVs. When an employer is reviewing your CV, chances are your hobbies and interests are not likely going to secure you that all-important interview! Keep your cards close to your chest and save some of that sparkling personality and interesting facts for the interview!

After we have seen that glowing CV, we always like to meet and screen our candidates before putting you forward for the job… Consider us your first interview!

As proud as we are to be approachable and friendly here at Ginger, this won’t be a counselling session, nor an interview with Oprah. Keep your personal life to a minimum, however, we understand that we are not all robots, so snippets of information that are interesting to a potential employer can give a bit of personality and honestly keep us human!

So… You have been selected and are about to walk into your final interview for your dream job.

Keep your cool!

Blurting out your life and home issues won’t do you much good! Your lazy husband, your obsession with your 7 cats, or your peculiar (yet intriguing) medical history are certainly topics on the tick list to leave at home! (You will be surprised the stories we get on the post-interview phone calls!)

We will leave you with this last piece of simple, yet essential advice when it comes to over-sharing!…

Be remembered for the right reasons!